The Micro Light is now available and shipping worldwide.

We are excited to announce the release of the IC12 Micro Light. Some of you may recognise the design of the Micro Light as being associated with another brand. Although originally designed as a co-collaborated crowd funded release (* Refer Below), unforeseen business differences have resulted in IC12 now releasing our uniquely designed Micro Light directly.

 So why the delay in release? We have taken this time to conduct rigorous testing and refinements to deliver an outstanding product which is fun, versatile and powerful in features and performance. The Micro Light is proudly designed and made in Australia with a range of accessories so you can use your Micro Light on its own, with your GoPro or with your general camera gear. Check out the range.




  • 5600k (Kelvin)
  • 92 CRI Led Quality 
  • 1400 mAH Battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Magnetic
  • Suction cup on rear
  • Tripod mount on bottom
  • 1500 Lumens - Max flash power
  • 800 Lumens - Max Video Light
  • 105 lumen per Watt efficiency
  • 3 x Super Bright European LED's 
  • Weather proof with sealed silicon rubber skin
  • 20,000 Hz refresh rate making the video light flicker free


  • 2.5 hours from laptop
  • 1.5 hours from iPhone charger
  • 45 minutes from iPad charger
  • Micro USB port for charging

Runtime Highest Brightness: 45min
Lowest Brightness : 4 hours
  • iphone
  • Android
  • Go Pro
  • Any Camera


DISCLAIMER: IC One Two Pty Ltd has no connection, affiliation or business relationship with Lume Cube LLC. IC One Two Pty Ltd has not collected any funds nor received any proceeds from the Lume Cube crowd funding campaign. Any enquiries, claims, disputes or actions regarding the Lume Cube crowd funding campaign should be directed to Lume Cube LLC.

Watch Episode 2 - Compound. 

NOTE : Strong Language. Episode 2 - Compound The walls are closing in as Pit's personal life is under investigation. Written and Directed by Justin Batchelor...

Make sure you check out Tinmaker Studios' Facebook page to see behind the scenes images and footage.

Over the past few months we have been working with Romanian, Claudius Vasilescu of who is an action sports photographer. Claudius recently took the LED Light cubes out into the field and shot a session with the Romanian Red Bull Motocross riders.  

Claudius shot the images at the "Resort Fundata @ Cheile Gradistei" - Brasov, Romania biathlon & MTB track. He was working in the field with mixed lighting conditions so his ability to travel light and move fast was a must in setup and tracking of the motor action. 

Claudius Vasilescu
We've been working with a local Melbourne film maker on various small projects since the LED Light Cube was launched as a crowdfunding campaign in 2013. Justin Batchelor wrote a script, pulled actors together, filmed, directed, produced and edited the short film "Captured" that featured in the campaign, all in under 72 hours and all lit with LED Light Cubes.
Justin has recently embarked on an ambitious 5 part drama series called PIT and we are happy to say that we are the official lighting partner of the PIT series and Tinmaker Studios.

PIT, is a 5 part web drama focusing around the grit of a police detective, the criminals he swims with, and his troubled life. Filmed on low budgets and in short time frames, PIT is an avenue as a film maker to play with similar concepts to current day TV Dramas. Multi narrative, ongoing storylines and large character arcs, albeit, on a smaller scale and in 10 minute episodes. In regards to the production, the episodes are a monthly instalment, with all scripting, filming and post production happening every month, which in itself is a tall order.

Watch Episode 1 - Little Things. 

Warning strong language is used. This content is NSFW (Not Safe for Work). Viewer discretion is advised

About Justin

Justin has worked as a freelance video producer for clients for over 7 years with his small business, BATCHEDIT. With clients in the fields of medicine, technology and the arts, he has been witness to a multitude of environments and communities. Honing his crafts in cinematography, direction and writing led to the formation of Tinmaker Studios. As a creative outlet, Tinmaker is an avenue to create content, specifically for online distribution outside of the constraints of client based projects. Essentially, Justin wanted to make his own work, in his way, with his sensibilities.

One of the great things about the Light Cubes are their size. With a similar size to a speedlight but the control you get from a studio strobe the Light Cubes are great for multi-light setups in very small spaces. 

We set ourselves a challenge to see if we could shoot a 4 light setup in a small space. We looked around the office and the two smallest spaces we could find were the stairwell and the bathroom. 

We came up with a lighting plan of two Cubes pointed directly onto the cheeks from each side to give strong definition to the face and a Cube in a softbox from the front to add some fill to the face. The fourth light was positioned behind the subject for rim lighting to add seperation from the background.

I was worried about reflections and light bounce in the tight spaces but by turning on the modelling lights on my Cubes I could see how the light was falling on my subjects before I took my first shot. 

Matt on the left was shot in the bathroom with a blue gel on the background Cube which was then bounced into the wall behind him. I must admit it was hard to keep a straight face asking Matt to give me a strong look while he was sitting on the pan. But he did a great job and if you hadn't seen the BTS shots you wouldn't know the level of discomfort I put him in.

Dave (one of our very unique engineers) on the above right was shot with a red gel on the rear Cube which was positioned behind his head and pointed directly at him to give that separation. Suffice to say they broke the mould when they made Dave. He always brings the "Quirk" and is one of my favourite individuals to shoot. (He brought his own props!)

Bathroom Setup

Stairs setup

These two lighting setups were created using the LED Light Cube Mobile Studio Kit which comes with a range of accessories and adapters.



This was a quick and easy setup on a rainy day. I used one cube through a beauty dish and I positioned it off to my right at 45 degrees to subject. The light was set slightly above my subject and pointing down onto the face. I really like the way the light falls on the face when lit this way. 

I love the mixer of the artistic, the technical and the practical that goes into shooting people. I find that when shooting with LED light cubes I get great control over the light by using the modelling light so I can read the shadows on the face. Light cubes are small and easy to use so they don't intimidate kids and instead of tweaking my gear I can focus on engaging the person I'm shooting.

As you may have seen through previous shots the subject here is my eldest son. With his casual approach to clothing and his ownership of his own mind and sense of individualism it won't surprise me in the least if he grows up to be a hipster. 




Shot Information

Camera : Canon 5d Mk II // EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Key Light: LED Light Cube - LLC150 // Flash Mode @ Full power 1/160 flash duration Modifiers: Beauty Dish Time of Day: Mid morning, indoors.

Lighting Diagram

In December we put some light cubes in the hands of Peter Coulson of Koukei Photography to play with as part of an Australian photography roadshow.

Peter was impressed with the size and the performance of the light and mentioned that if he had had them a month earlier then they would have been perfect for a car shoot he had been doing.

Peter is renowned commercial photographer with a huge international following of his stunning and often edgy Black & White fashion and beauty photography.

Peter produced this stunning shot with just one cube. There's alot to be said for keeping it simple :)

You can find more of Peter's work at:

Behind the Scenes Shot

Dave Strydom of 2Become1 photography Studio shared with us these images he took using 2 Light Cubes. This is a beautifully detailed shot with such a simple and controlled setup. It just goes to show that with the right gear you can get studio results anywhere.

Thanks Dave.

2become1 studio photography


Reds & Blues

October 16, 2014


I decided to do a quick Light Cube setup. A classic Red / Blue gel shoot. I used the gels from our Barn Door adapter kit and tucked them into the cube bands. The setup was super quick and easy.

Even though the lights were positioned the same distance apart, the blue gelled cube metered alot hotter on the face so I took it down a stop lower than the red gelled cube.

Cheers Nathan





John Cocozza shot this awesome portrait last night of Paul Sedlock, a surfer in San Diego, as the last bit of light from sunset was fading away. Paul is holding one of the coolest boards I've seen in a long time; an Alaia, a finless all wood board shaped by Wegener Surf. The Light Cubes were set up to camera left and used in continuous mode with no modifiers.

You can see the BTS shot below...


John Cocozza Photography

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