Production Update

It's been head-down and tail-up for us over the last couple of months since our crowdfunding adventure concluded and, we're pleased to say, the LED Light Cube is shaping up to be everything we promised... and more. 

The final production design has been locked and loaded, and we have plans of releasing video footage shortly so you can see exactly how our little Cube prototype has morphed into something you'll be very proud to include in your kit. 

Right at this moment, we're pulling together all elements of the manufacturing process, which is proving a monumental task in logistics, to say the least. Everything is on schedule EXCEPT the final stages of the case tooling due to our manufacturer having some setbacks in producing the level of detail expected from us.

As those involved with manufacturing will know, when one link in the chain gets held up, it affects the whole thing. So, we’re currently tearing our hair out in frustration, although that metaphorical light (pardon the pun) at the end of the tunnel is getting closer and closer. 

Given this manufacturing delay – combined with the vagaries of the holiday season postal system right across the world – we've opted to deliver LED Light Cubes in the New Year. An exact date has not been made yet but we will keep you informed. Apologies for those who were hoping to get their Cubes as an end of year treat but, in an effort not to compromise on our technical integrity, this was the only alternative.

A sincere thanks to all of you for your patience, kind words and support. It is because of every one of you that the LED Light Cube is even better than we could've have anticipated, which is really saying something!


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