The Look of the Cube

The casing is a cast aluminium chassis to offer heat dispersion and an improved look & feel to the product. The orange bands around the edges are removable silicon rubber O-rings, which offer a functional, tactile element to the product, while also helping with heat transfer on surfaces when running in high power video mode.

The lensing is a revolutionary approach to shaping light from an LED cluster, delivering both the beam and the flux produced by the LED to deliver a maximum throw of light from the unit.

The casing of the unit will be a black finish.

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Emma Westwood
Emma Westwood

December 19, 2013

Sorry about that, ML – don’t know where the contact details disappeared! Feel free to email Nathan Oxley


December 15, 2013

Very interesting product!

Is there any way to email the company? I see no contact information anywhere on your site. Some sort of email contact would be greatly appreciated.

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