Production Update + Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Cubists!

It's January and, while it's summer holidays here in Australia, there's no rest for the LED Light Cube team... 

The creation of our little Cube is taking longer than we anticipated. Our timeline, costs and milestones were thoroughly mapped out before commencing the Indiegogo campaign but, based on your feedback and wisdoms, the LED Light Cube has mutated into a far more superior product, which inevitably takes longer to design and manufacture. Throw in some delays from individual parts manufacturers (as mentioned in previous updates) and – voila! – the delivery date gets pushed back, much to our frustration. 

The good news is we're REALLY close to signing everything off before the Cube hits the production line and our prototypes get duplicated en masse. We're also itching to release video footage, as promised, but we're making sure we don't leak anything too prematurely. As you can appreciate, we're manufacturing the Cube under the watchful eye of the world through the Internet and we must be careful to protect the technology we've spent so much time crafting.

Soon, all will be revealed. Expect an update within the next fortnight. Thanks to all for your continued patience.


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