Behold, the beauty of the Cube!

January has been a busy time for us with many of the elements coming together in our final pre-production models. As of this week we now have a semi functional build of the product. Our current status is as follows;

Main Casing Assembly

The new shiny high pressure cast assembly tooling is complete. Production samples have arrived from china for sign off and they are magnificent. The build quality is outstanding and the finish is superb. A full production run of 1000 casings will begin after Chinese New Year. 

LCD Display

The custom designed LCD samples have arrived and are now programmed. Production quantities have been ordered and are ongoing. The LCD fits perfectly into the rear plastic housing.

Membrane keypad 

Keypads are in production. Samples arrived in December and are in production. The keypad fits into a recessed section of the plastics to provide a flush finish to the rear of the unit.

Plastic rear assembly

Ok this element has been kicking my butt for 2 months. We have ran through 9 different revisions of the plastics. We have now finally locked the parts down and the tooling is underway. This is an essential element to get right because it is holding the electronics, the LCD and the keypad. It then has to neatly interface to the metal housing and also interface to the battery. On top of that it needed to be designed in a way that was manufacturable and cost effective. The final signed off samples of the plastics are installed into the final build.


The battery is a custom designed LiPo (Lithium Ion Polymer) battery. We are very happy to say that the battery in the unit packs a punch. The battery is 11.1v 2.8 mAh. This means that we have the capacity to match the output durations and flash cycles that were originally spec'ed in the campaign.


  The circuitry is complete and the output wattage is hitting its mark. Production of the first production run of 1000 electronic assemblies begins mid february. 

Lensing Assembly

This is the last remaining element of the product that we are awaiting parts. The lensing has internal reflectors. These reflectors have been created as pre production samples but the supply has been delayed in the highly reflective mirrored coating process. Our latest update is that the reflectors are due to arrive by mid next week. 

Once these parts have arrived, we can complete the assembly and we will have 100% operational pre production units to evaluate and test. 


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