Hipster in the making

This was a quick and easy setup on a rainy day. I used one cube through a beauty dish and I positioned it off to my right at 45 degrees to subject. The light was set slightly above my subject and pointing down onto the face. I really like the way the light falls on the face when lit this way. 

I love the mixer of the artistic, the technical and the practical that goes into shooting people. I find that when shooting with LED light cubes I get great control over the light by using the modelling light so I can read the shadows on the face. Light cubes are small and easy to use so they don't intimidate kids and instead of tweaking my gear I can focus on engaging the person I'm shooting.

As you may have seen through previous shots the subject here is my eldest son. With his casual approach to clothing and his ownership of his own mind and sense of individualism it won't surprise me in the least if he grows up to be a hipster. 




Shot Information

Camera : Canon 5d Mk II // EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Key Light: LED Light Cube - LLC150 // Flash Mode @ Full power 1/160 flash duration Modifiers: Beauty Dish Time of Day: Mid morning, indoors.

Lighting Diagram

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