Tight Spaces & Comfort Zones

One of the great things about the Light Cubes are their size. With a similar size to a speedlight but the control you get from a studio strobe the Light Cubes are great for multi-light setups in very small spaces. 

We set ourselves a challenge to see if we could shoot a 4 light setup in a small space. We looked around the office and the two smallest spaces we could find were the stairwell and the bathroom. 

We came up with a lighting plan of two Cubes pointed directly onto the cheeks from each side to give strong definition to the face and a Cube in a softbox from the front to add some fill to the face. The fourth light was positioned behind the subject for rim lighting to add seperation from the background.

I was worried about reflections and light bounce in the tight spaces but by turning on the modelling lights on my Cubes I could see how the light was falling on my subjects before I took my first shot. 

Matt on the left was shot in the bathroom with a blue gel on the background Cube which was then bounced into the wall behind him. I must admit it was hard to keep a straight face asking Matt to give me a strong look while he was sitting on the pan. But he did a great job and if you hadn't seen the BTS shots you wouldn't know the level of discomfort I put him in.

Dave (one of our very unique engineers) on the above right was shot with a red gel on the rear Cube which was positioned behind his head and pointed directly at him to give that separation. Suffice to say they broke the mould when they made Dave. He always brings the "Quirk" and is one of my favourite individuals to shoot. (He brought his own props!)

Bathroom Setup

Stairs setup

These two lighting setups were created using the LED Light Cube Mobile Studio Kit which comes with a range of accessories and adapters.



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