IC12 become Lighting partner of Tinmaker Studios

We've been working with a local Melbourne film maker on various small projects since the LED Light Cube was launched as a crowdfunding campaign in 2013. Justin Batchelor wrote a script, pulled actors together, filmed, directed, produced and edited the short film "Captured" that featured in the campaign, all in under 72 hours and all lit with LED Light Cubes.
Justin has recently embarked on an ambitious 5 part drama series called PIT and we are happy to say that we are the official lighting partner of the PIT series and Tinmaker Studios.

PIT, is a 5 part web drama focusing around the grit of a police detective, the criminals he swims with, and his troubled life. Filmed on low budgets and in short time frames, PIT is an avenue as a film maker to play with similar concepts to current day TV Dramas. Multi narrative, ongoing storylines and large character arcs, albeit, on a smaller scale and in 10 minute episodes. In regards to the production, the episodes are a monthly instalment, with all scripting, filming and post production happening every month, which in itself is a tall order.

Watch Episode 1 - Little Things. 

Warning strong language is used. This content is NSFW (Not Safe for Work). Viewer discretion is advised

About Justin

Justin has worked as a freelance video producer for clients for over 7 years with his small business, BATCHEDIT. With clients in the fields of medicine, technology and the arts, he has been witness to a multitude of environments and communities. Honing his crafts in cinematography, direction and writing led to the formation of Tinmaker Studios. As a creative outlet, Tinmaker is an avenue to create content, specifically for online distribution outside of the constraints of client based projects. Essentially, Justin wanted to make his own work, in his way, with his sensibilities.



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