Six Days Down, 24 to Go

As we move into the second week of our Indiegogo campaign, we’re pleased to report that funding for the LED Light Cube has inched over the $19K mark. If we proceed at a similar pace, we should exceed $60K target, which means we’ll be able to announce some stretch goals sooner rather than later.

The trend so far shows that people are not just keen on supporting the Cube – they want to get their hands on it. Having ‘sold out’ our first single Cube Early Bird offer of $350, we’ve now added a second Early Bird offer of $420, which is still a remarkable discount off the retail price of $695. So, pass the word and send any potential Cubists our way so they can slap down some cash and bag the goods.

We’re also being asked a few recurring questions so, please note:

  • Even if we don’t hit our target for this ‘Flexible Funding’ Indiegogo campaign, we will be powering forward with production and, therefore, supplying all of our backers with their perks.
  • We are committed to meeting our production deadline of late November/early December 2013. We purposefully did not include an exact date to allow for movement in the production schedule. However, we are determined to get the Cube to market as quickly as possible and honour our commitment to you, just as you have done for us.
  • Shipping dates have been updated and can be found at the bottom of this campaign page.
  • Four-Cube units are supplied with eight batteries.

A big thanks to all our early funders who we can proudly call ‘Cubists’. See the light and join the movement!


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