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We're populating our FAQ section across the course of our Indiegogo campaign with questions about The LED Light Cube asked directly by you. It's difficult keeping up with all the individual queries so, hopefully, yours has been answered in the FAQs below. If not, we'll get back to you with an answer soon.  

Q. Why did you choose the Flexible Funding option for this campaign? Will I get my perk if you do not reach the campaign target?
A. We chose the Flexible Funding option as a way to promote and kickstart the production phase of the cubes. It is 100% guaranteed that we'll be moving forward into production, which means all contributions will be honoured and supplied even if we don't reach our goal. If we surpass our target, we'll be able to consider some 'stretch goals' and additional features for the Cube.

Q. Will you supply Cubes when you say you will?
A. We are committed to meeting our production deadline of late November/early December 2013. We purposefully did not include an exact date to allow for movement in the production schedule. However, we are determined to get the Cube to market as quickly as possible and honour our commitment to you, just as you have done for us.

Q. What are the shipping prices for the Cube?
A. Single Cube = $40 International flat rate/$20 Australia-wide, 4-Cube Kit = $90 International flat rate/$50 Australia-wide, 8-Cube Kit = $130 International flat rate/$80 Australia-wide.

Q. What's the CRI rating (colour rendering index) of the Cube?
A. This is something we're still fine-tuning with our manufacturer to get the very best quality possible. But, we can report that our latest 'Frankies' – the ones you can see being used in our demo video on this campaign page – have a colour temp of 5350k. We're aiming to have a 5600k module so, as you can see, we're very close and the colour quality is looking natural. This batch has a CRI of 84. So, we are very close to an 85+ rating and we're working diligently with our manufacturer to produce a 90+ CRI-rated LED module for the first crowdfunded production run of Cubes at the end of November/start December.

Q. Can I run the Cube from mains power?
A. No, however, the battery has a fast charge time of under one hour, and batteries are interchangeable.

Q. Can the Cube be camera mounted?
A. Yes. However the connection is cold shoe, so you will require a sync cable or wireless flash triggering system.

Q. Is the Cube capable of synching with optical or radio?
A. Yes. The Cube can be synched via both optical and radio.

Q. Is the video light dimmable?
A. Yes. The video light has 8 dimmable settings.

Q. How fast does the battery last if you are using a constant light?
A. At high power, the battery will last 45 minutes to one hour.

Q. What's the output of the flash and what's the spread? 
A. Using a fixed 30 degree angle lens at full flash power, we are getting readings of f22 @1meter / 100 iso (approx. the equivalent of a Canon 580exII at full power).

Q. What are the light luminosity measurements, and are the flash lumens the same as the constant light?
A. The flash power is over five times the output of the constant light output. We have a number of firmware updates that are currently being tested. As soon as they are passed, we will announce actual numbers.

Q. Will the Cube be available with a specific brand module or firmware (like Nikon CLS, iTTL, etc) or will it be a full manual setup?
A. This first release of the product only supports manual control. Nikon/Canon firmware integration is planned for future releases.

Q. Is there a guide number for the Cube?
A. Answering this is a little tricky at the moment. Because the duration of the flash is variable, we need to determine a speed for measuring that is in line with the market. If we increase the duration of the flash then we introduce more light to a scene resulting in a different guide number/measurement. We will be feeding a lot more info on how much power we are producing over the coming weeks.

Q. Can light modifiers be fitted to the Cube ie. soft-boxes, beauty dishes, etc?
A. We have a range of different ring adapters to match popular brands already on the market that fit to the front of the Cube. As an example, the Elinchrom adapter allows you to fit the Cube to any Elinchrom softbox, beauty dish or other accessory that they produce.

Q. Will the power of the output be adjustable when using it as a flash? 
A. Yes. The Cube has adjustable flash power just like a speedlight. 

Q. Will there be a TTL version?
A. Currently, we're focused on developing a straight manual version of the product. We have plans to tackle TTL in the near future.

Q. How many batteries come with the 4-Cube Kit?
A. Eight batteries.

Q. Is the Cube suitable for underwater photography?
A. Not yet. But maybe that can be one of our stretch goals? Wait and see...


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