Short Film: Capture

We've been talking to videographer Justin Batchelor ( about the way the LED Light Cube can be utilised as a constant light source for filmmaking.

Justin often finds himself working with live performers, which means he has to adapt his videomaking to the circumstances of the performance itself, rather than having the luxury of a film set. We told him the Cubes offer a level of versatility and speed of set-up not available in larger, more cumbersome lights – and without compromising on the quality of the light output. This made Justin sit up and listen.

With this carrot dangled in front of his eyes, Justin said he'd be keen to take the Cube through its paces. We said, 'Great - let's do it!'. The following two-minute video, Capture, is what he produced with just a few days notice, four Cubes, a Red camera, two-person crew, two actors, a car, exterior laneway and 90 minutes of shooting time. All shot at night.

Hope you enjoy it!

Capture. A short film shot using 4 LED Light Cubes. from Nathan Oxley on Vimeo.

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