About Us

Who are we?

IC12 is a leading global online solutions company. That’s where we started and that’s how we first made our mark on the world – providing full-featured, easy-to-use custom development solutions predominantly for awards and competitions in the photographic industry.

Given this background, we experienced firsthand the frustrations photographers have faced finding a light source that can keep up with the demands of their shooting. We know photographers, and we know that photographers have wild artistic ambitions that are being constantly curtailed by the physical limitations of their equipment.

So, we thought of the one device that, from our discussions with working professional photographers, could have the greatest impact on the photographic community right now as it stands, and we believe that device is The LED Light Cube

Email Nathan Oxley for further information: nathan@ic12.com.au



Indiegogo Campaign

Across August and September 2013, we broke news of the LED Light Cube to the world in the form of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We thought this would be a good way to test our market, and to see if we could raise some funds to bring the Cube to market faster and with even better technological enhancement.

We were blown away by the result.

By the end of our 30-day campaign, we had secured US$130.152 from almost 200 backers in 15 different countries – over double our campaign goal of US$60,000. This result placed us in the top five Australian Indiegogo campaigns of all time. We were also able to promise our backers a selection of ring adapters as a result of passing the US$85,000-mark.

From all the team at IC12, we can’t thank all of you, the backers, enough for putting the Cube on the map. Your endorsement has helped ensure a stunning international debut when we finally hit the market.

“Nathan Oxley of IC12 talks about the crowdfunding experience at Indiegogo’s Melbourne seminar, 31st October 2013”