Hi Cubists

We are in Production! Thank you to everyone for your support and patience we can't wait to finally share our cube with the world. 

All aspects of the cube have now been tested and signed off and production orders are now in. 

We will update you further when we receive the production timelines outlining the delivery of the longest lead time parts, however we expect to announce delivery dates at the end of the month. 


The future looks bright...


What’s small enough to sit in the palm of your hand but big enough to change photography as we know it?

The LED Light Cube – a new world-first lighting technology developed in direct response to the limitations experienced by photographers and digital filmmakers.

A high-end, portable and interlocking flash & constant light source, the imminent release of the LED Light Cube marks the beginning of a whole new era in creative liberation for image capturing.

The LED Light Cube was unveiled as a prototype via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.com  in August 2013 where approximately 200 backers pledged funds to support the initial manufacture.

As you read this, the LED Light Cube is undergoing final preparation for release thanks to the funds generated from this recent Indiegogo effort. Estimated shipping date for Cubes is June 2014. Watch this space…


From a technology view, a lot of companies are producing versions of the same product just to compete in the marketplace. We don’t want to create a product that is a version of something else. What we’re doing is unique, improving and building on what’s out there. The LED Light Cube brings real value to photographers, offering them more opportunity in the way they work.” 
Nathan Oxley, Managing Director, IC12