Hall of Cubists

Nathan Oxley // Photographer

May 2015

I'm an amateur photographer with a passion for landscape photography and an increasing love of portraiture. I love the mixer of the artistic, the technical and the practical that goes into shooting people. I find that when shooting with LED light cubes I get great control over the light by using the modelling light so I can read the shadows on the face. Light cubes are small and easy to use so they don't intimidate kids and instead of tweaking my gear I can focus on engaging the person I'm shooting.


The Shot

This was a quick and easy setup on a rainy day. I used one cube through a beauty dish and I positioned it off to my right at a 45 degree. The light was set slightly above my subject and pointing down onto the face. I really like the way the light falls on the face when lit this way.

Shot Information

Camera : Canon 5d Mk II // EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Key Light: LED Light Cube - LLC150 // Flash Mode @ Full power 1/160 flash duration Modifiers: Beauty Dish Time of Day: Mid morning, indoors.

Lighting Diagram