Light Cubes in Action

Long flash duration and a fast shutter speed

Two Cubes behind and to the left and right... and a whole lot of flour! We used a technique where the Cubes were set on a one-second flash and then shot in burst mode with the camera on 1/4000 of a second.

Watch the video on the Blog to find out more.

Fast capture and control of your sync speed

A splash of colour. These balloons full of water have been captured as they are burst with a pin. The images were shot using 2 LED Light Cubes at 1/500 sync. Both Light cubes were triggered as flashes. One cube was positioned to left of camera and the other was to the rear left of the balloon. (Roughly aimed at each other with the balloon in the center). You can check out the setup @

Double the Cubes, Double the power

For a nice and easy portrait session we stacked two cubes and linked them to become a single head with our Cube In cable. Bouncing the light into a silver umbrella gave a harder edge to the shadows but with a gentle fall off of the light.

Visualise your creative process

What you'll need to achieve this effect: Two Cubes, red and blue gels, and incense sticks.

Place your Cubes behind and to the left and right in order to backlight the smoke. With gels on the front, they give beautiful mixed tones.

Quick and Easy. Grab the moments.

Take advantage of those times when you want to get spontaneous or react to a situation. A light Cube through an umbrella is supper fast to setup and gives you a big even wash of light.