LED Light Cube Still Life Kit

The LED Light Cube Still Life Kit is perfect for studio work where you need to get in close shooting still life and products. The Light Cube with the snoot attachment is great for that tight control that lets you put the light exactly where it needs to be.

You get the LED Light Cube  LLC-150 with its standard accessories plus you get a range of Accessory adapters to shape and control the light in a variety of ways. 


LED Light Cube Single Head Pack :

  • 1 x LED Light Cube
  • 1 x LED Light Cube Li-PO Batteries
  • 1 x LED Light Charger
  • 1 x LED Light Cube Interlocking Spigot
  • 1 x Cube-in-Cube-out Cable
  • 1 x LED Hotshoe Stand

Kit Accessories :

  • 1 x Ring Adapter
  • 1 x Extra  Li-PO Battery
  • 1 x Snoot
  • 1 x Light Stand Swivel
  • 1 x Dual Head Carry Bag


Product Features

  • Continuous High speed flashing at full power.
  • Completely portable with battery internally fitted.
  • High Capacity – over 25,000 flashes @ 1/60 of a second duration from a single battery charge at full power.
  • Over 150 Watts / 5,000 Lumens of light output.
  • Ultimate portable lighting kit – Sold as individual or set of 4 lights.
  • Stackable. Build versatile light banks.
  • Stable colour temperature. Consistent colour temp as power levels are adjusted Use as a video light.
  • Master control. Set the lighting condition of a single unit in array mode and all others will match the settings.
  • Modelling light feature.
  • Trigger remotely via sync cable, wireless trigger or as light sensitive slave.
  • Adjustable flash speed. Adjust the flash speed of the unit to shoot at faster or slower durations. 8000MS – 1Sec.

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